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Tips For First Impressions

By on January 10, 2018

Over the years I’ve heard many different tips for first impressions in a networking situation. Some of the better tips I’ve listed below.

  • Business cards should have the basics; name, phone, email, social media
  • Be prepared by having a 30 second elevator speech on what you do
  • Having a 20 second “informercial” about your passion

You are your brand, if someone were to describe your brand, what would they say? What would be the first word out of their mouths?

First Impressions

  • 78% of people are hired on a first impression
  • 80% of people decide on purchase from a first impression
  • Impressions consist of
    • 80% looks
    • 15% talking
    • only 5% of what is actually said


  • 3 solid handshakes, learn this if you do not know how to properly hand shake – no limp fish hand
  • Give your full name during handshake and acknowledge the other person by saying their first name
  • Get 3 business cards from others before leaving, write 3 things about each person on the back of their business card to remember later
  • Have 3 facts ready about your business
  • 3 success stories are always good to have on hand
  • Don’t be afraid to discuss an issue you have encountered to engage the other in conversation – collaborating can create bonding

Get involved in the community to engage potential new customers as well as to do your part of community support. Three organizations  to find in your area: civic, chamber and non-profits. Volunteering has many great side effects and is proven to make you feel good.


  • Update your website every 18 months
  • Setup Linked In profile; update once a week
  • Facebook – update three times a week (minimum)
  • Twitter – once a day
  • Use social media outlets that your customers are on, don’t spend your time on social media accounts that are not reaching your preferred targeted market
  • Do a brand analysis every 12 months

Become comfortable with shameless self-promotion, no waiting till you’re “perfect”, start now. You are your brand and you are perfect now. It’s a great idea to have your vision and your focus identified. Use the resources in the tool-kit to make this happen.