Small Business Services

“Hire character. Train skill.” – Peter Schultz, founder and director GNF

A small business owner faces a list of struggles every day just to stay in business. Without the deep resources large corporations have, small businesses find themselves working hard to generate revenue and make a profit.

It’s no surprise that small business owners struggle to grow due restrictions of small staff, limited budget, and lack of time. It’s understandable that if the work load is growing, it can be difficult to meet that demand when you are unable to grow your staff. Your company may be growing, which deserves to be showcased; but your time and/or staff restrictions may not allow for you to get everything accomplished to present the best representation of your business.

Here at Blue Bark Consulting, we’ll help you get quotes and find the best resources to meet your business needs. With our expertise, we’ll be able to get you the best resources at a price you can afford.

Business Services We Can Help With

Public Relations
PR involves an ongoing communication campaign that provides information about your company to its consumers. This may include writing news releases, press releases, working with bloggers and travel writers, crisis management and digital content.

Digital Marketing
This could include a refresh of your current online presence or a brand new setup. Companies will typically look at your business as a whole by evaluating current internet marketing, new options and recommend what integrated strategies will get you the greatest return on the dollar.

Direct Marketing
Communicating directly to customers through outlets such as fliers, catalogs, letters, online media, targeted television, newspaper and magazine advertisements.

Web Design
Different areas of web design can include web graphic design, interface design, coding, user experience design and SEO.

Sending email messages with the purpose of enhancing the relationship with your current or previous customers, encouraging loyalty and repeat business, influencer marketing focus on key individuals that have influence over potential customers.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
The process of increasing website visibility in search engine results – how much presence a website has on search engines. This can be accomplished through paid advertising, keyword research and back end tools, including Web analytic tools and HTML validators.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
The process of increasing a website or web page in a search engine’s unpaid results – organic results. By optimizing a website, creating inbound links and removing barriers to indexing by search engines are a few of the ways to improve SEO.

Social Media Marketing
Social media can be used to increase traffic to your website or awareness of an event. Paid marketing is commonly used across various media sites to achieve these goals.

Social Media Optimization
The use of social media outlets to generate publicity, increase the awareness of a product, brand or event. Types of social media involved include RSS feeds, social networking sites such as Twitter, YouTube and blogging sites.

Content Creation
The contribution of information to any media outlet. Typical forms of content creation include maintaining and updating web sites, blogging, photography, videography, online commentary and social media accounts.

Creative development consists of items that you use to represent your brand. This could include logo files, stationery, style-guides, website files and social media avatars.

Event Planning
Event planning starts at the beginning, from the very early stages of concept and continues all the way until the actual event takes place. And, honestly, for a few weeks after the event as event planners wrap up details and handle follow-up items.