Manifesting Your Vision

Each of these questions is designed to help you connect with your spirit and work towards your goals and aspirations. Fill them out honestly, print and store these sheets somewhere you can see them every day.

  • What do you want?


  • Why do you want it?


  • Why do you deserve it?


  • What scares you?
  • What is the most exciting?


  • What are you going to do to get it?


  • What is the first step you will take to explore you own grit?
    (It’s ok to start small)

My Grit Manifesto

Where does your grit lie? How can you grow?

  • I, (fill in name), have grit and grace in the face of adversity; I want to use my strengths to (fill in answer) and (fill in answer).
  • I want to add (fill in answer) and (fill in answer) to the universe, because I value (fill in answer) and (fill in answer).
  • My legacy will be that (fill in answer).

Find Your Tribe

Your tribe contributes to your wholeness. Answer the following questions by choosing people in your life that fit the questions.

  • Cheers for the things that are best for me: (fill in name)
  • Challenges me: (fill in name)
  • Says the right things, even when they’re hard: (fill in name)
  • Has the wisdom for my best self: (fill in name)
  • Makes me laugh: (fill in name)
  • Accepts my flaws: (fill in name)
  • Listens: (fill in name)
  • Lifts me up: (fill in name)

Download worksheets: Manifesting Your Vision